Student Exchange

Faculty of Agriculture leads various international activities and aggressively accepts foreign students from many countries, educating global human resources.

Global experiences via overseas training Global Cafe

Students visit overseas schools, with whom the UOM has concluded agreements, to give presentations on their research fields and
exchange ideas. Intensive English-language lectures prepare students for this overseas training, and lecturers who are native speakers
provide guidance on presentations and other instruction so that students have the best training experience possible. Moreover, students
write reports and share their research results after returning to Japan.

The Global Cafe is held periodically for students who wish to communicate in English and improve their English-language conversationskills. At the Global Cafe, international students can practice speaking English casually and informally by sharing information about agriculture and tourism in their home countries, for example, and by drinking tea and eating snacks with Japanese students.

Overseas internship for global agriculture International distribution of the educational curriculum for genetic resources

The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences offers a course ‘Overseas Internship for Global Agriculture’ for 3rd year students, which is to develop human resources respond to globalization. It provides students opportunities to go overseas and take lectures in English at universities, visit GAP farms and factories and experience home stay in villages. Through this course students will learn agriculture on site and the international cooperation.

Graduate school of Agriculture have opened a summer intensive course for the training program on the conservation, management and use of genetic resources from 5 to 29 August, 2013. Twenty-two students, which were 5 of University of Miyazaki in Japan, 2 of Sunchon National University in Korea, 5 of Kasetsart University and 4 of Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, and 6 of University of Brawijaya in Indonesia, joined this course. After this program, the attendees were certified as “genetic resource curators.”

JICA's Projects Participation in overseas symposium

The Faculty of Agriculture is honored to join various projects implemented by JICA, Japan International Cooperation Agency, sending faculty to Asian countries to provide technical knowledge and advanced skills for assisting the development of the countries.
In addition, the Faculty welcomes trainees from the developing countries and provide educational programs that they can learn technical knowledge and advanced skills, meeting their needs. It is expected that they will work as key professions in their home countries when they return and also build bridges of friendship between each country and Japan.

The Faculty of Agriculture emphasizes educational activities to develop human resources who can work on the global stage, promoting students to participate academic conferences and symposiums held overseas accompanied by professors. The Faculty is partly bears travel expenses of these students.