Outline of the Depertment 学科内容の紹介【英語】

What department?

  • Ocean is the largest part of the Earth’s hydrosphere, connecting with rivers, lakes, and glaciers. Ocean is also connected with the atmosphere and the mantle beneath Earth’s crust, and thus influence the physical environment of the Earth. Research and education activities of our department are focused on studies of the ocean life and the marine environment. In addition to basic studies, we are also committed to finding new ways for sustainable use of marine resources.

It is suitable for this person.

  • 1.Those who have fundamental academic skills related to living things and natural sciences
  • 2. People who are interested in living creatures and nature in the watershed
  • 3.People who want to play an active part in preserving water environment
  • 4.People who are interested in biological production in the waters
  • 5.Who wants to make resources of waters creatures useful for human happiness

We will do this class

About the marine environment

Introduction to Marine Biological Environment Studies・Practice of marine biological environment studies・Environmental microbiology・Shallow sea environmental studies・Water resources ecology

Experimental practice and field experience class

Practice of marine biology(Mini aquarium Exhibition experience)・Marine biological exploration course(Practice on board a ship)・Aquatic life anatomy experiment・Aquatic physiology experiment・Marine microbiology experiment・Fisheries genetic engineering experiment・Aquatic chemistry experiment・ Aquatic Production Studies Practice・Marine diving theory・Aquarium studies

In the future you can aim for such a path.

Marine products・Food・Feed-related companies/Fishery・Fishery cooperative group/Trading company/Ship・Insurance company/Pharmaceutical companies/Aquarium/A museum/Marine tourism industry/Civil servant/Faculty member/Environmental Assessment/Environment consultant/Research laboratory/Graduate school

Graduates are active in such places.

Seniors' main job placement

Nihon suisan・Kyouwahakkou Kirin・Meiji seika・Itouchu syokuhin・Nihon syokken・ Ohtsuka seiyaku・Eezai・Kirishima syuzou・Kurose suisan・Tohmen foods・IDEA・Estem・Ricoh・Rinken sangyou・Kohkin kagaku・Seikatsu kyoudou kumiai・JT・Kaneryou kaisou・Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium・Kagoshima Aquarium・Aquamarine Fukushima・Adventure World・Huis Ten BoschGovernment official(Fisheries Agency)Local officials(Each prefecture Prefectural government etc)・National and local private universities Faculty member

Going to graduate school

University of Miyazaki・The University of Tokyo・University of Tokyo Oceanographic Research Institute・Tokyo Institute of Technology・Hokkaido University・Tokyo Ocean University・University of Tsukuba・Nagasaki University・Kagoshima University・Nara Institute of Science and Technology・Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Qualifications and licenses related to department of marine biological environment

Graduates who have taken the relevant subjects will be given the qualifications and examination qualifications as shown in the table below.
▲: Qualification to take advantage of the examination( We have related courses for acquisition) 
○:Qualification obtained by acquiring necessary units

○High school teacher type one license(Fisheries · Science)*・○Curator・○Food hygiene manager・○Food hygiene monitor

▲Spreading instructor(4 years or more work experience required)・▲A submarine・▲Emergency First Responder
*Regarding teacher license acquisition since FY2001, we are considering handling countermeasures due to amendment of the law